The affiliates program

Variable commission
Earn commission from all of the payments of any user that you bring to the platform.
5 USD minimum withdrawal
Once your approved balance reaches the minimum withdrawal amount, you can request a withdrawal.

How does it work?

1. Sign up Simply register for an account on our platform.
2. Share your link Start promoting your referral link and bring new users.
3. Start earning Once your referred users start paying, you'll get paid as well.
4. Withdraw your money Request a withdrawal and you'll get paid.

Promotion opportunities

A. link referrer links on web page or a banner with referrer Link.

  • B. publish referrer Links YouTube channel or in the video description
  • C. publish referrer links on Facebook / Twitter
  • D. Embed referrer links in
  • E. distribute referrer links in forums
  • F. Send referrer links in emails to friends
  • G. Commission:-35% commission per successful sale with hot deals
  • H. Commission payment: PayPal

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