What is Affiliate Program

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Money through promoting for linktrle.com

 How does it work?

Once you join the linktrle.com affiliate program, then verified your email. You will be supplied with an affiliate program dashboard. First, click the Tools button, then click add more to create your unique track link. Whenever a visitor purchases any products on our site through your track link, the orders on the site will be tracked by our system, you earn 35% of the total sale.

1 、 Who can get involved?

Usually, anybody can take part in this Affiliate. After logging on to the affiliate page, we initially inspect the info for efficiency and precision, and the e-mail should be validated, Applications under incorrect names are not accepted for legal factors.

2 、 How can I earn money here?


When you make other individuals' online attention to our item pages and then store with us, you make cash. Therefore we can comprehend that a visitor has actually pertained to their link to us, you offered the link formerly with their own individual reflink name. Once we have actually evaluated your registration for the affiliate program, this reflink name is informed to you or you can likewise straight on the homepage in the Affiliate system.

3 、 Where can I discover the login page for the affiliate program?

You can sign up on our LinkTrle. After your e-mail is validated, then your account will be triggered.

Your individual referrer link such as https://linktrle.com/

4 、 Our tracking background will track every order source.

Yea, our tracking system will track every order source according to relink URL.

5, Where can I see the number of sales I have currently communicated?

You can likewise see your operator status on the Affiliate program system when you have actually effectively signed up and logged on to our affiliate website.

6 、 How long does it consider such a mediated sale is verified?

No behind on the 7th day, after we validated your order is not spamming, you can examine your payment status on the Affiliate program.

Not Allowed

A. Adult, Hate, or other associated websites are not permitted!

We will send your account on the very first offense of SPAMMING. Do not send out e-mails to lists or groups that you do not have the authorization to send out. We can not worry about this enough, we WILL end your account on the very first offense.


D. You can't make orders with your referrer links which you produced on your own on our website, the orders will be canceled.