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Advice and answers from the Link the Team

Starting with your LinkTrle profile

We will walk through everything you require to get off to a great start on LinkTrle-- let's do this

1. Sign up

Approximated time: 1 minute

Go to the sign-up page and select the social platform that you want to use to visit LinkTrle. We recommend choosing the platform that you utilize the most out of Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch.

In cases where your e-mail isn't linked, you'll require to connect your Facebook or Google account so that we can reach you-- no spam, we promise!

You're in! It just improves from here.

2. Customize your page

Estimated time: 1 minute

You need to be on your Account page now on the Look tab. Attempt clicking on one of the pre-programmed styles, or among the high-res pictures.

Pro idea: The live preview modifications instantly to reveal you exactly what's going on!

There's a lot to explore here but let's proceed in the meantime-- remember that you can always return later and make your profile shine.

3. Include some links

Approximated time: 2 minutes

Now click the Hyperlinks tab beside Look at the top of your Account page.

Here you can drive traffic from your LinkTrle profile to affiliate links, material, or anywhere else you want your audience to go. Click the "Add new link" button to try including a link!

If you can't believe in anything else, try connecting to LinkTrle at

Farther down the page you can enter your social handles. Using icons that people acknowledge increases click-through rates!

4. Trigger your e-mail list

Estimated time: like 0.1 minutes?

On the Links tab, you'll likewise see your email list. Toggle it on to include a rectangular text field to your page where visitors can leave their e-mails with you! You can move the text field above the other links by going to the Account area under the menu.

5. Engage your audience

Approximated time: 1 minute

Welcome to the very first monetization tool on your LinkTrle page: the Requests tab.

This is the coolest function that we've developed up until now-- a way for you to engage with your audience through all kinds of commissions. In addition to videos, we let you submit images, pdfs, audio files, etc as actions.

The most typical usage case is customized video shoutouts. You can offer guidance, wish people a delighted birthday, or just open it up for concerns. It's also as much as you whether you wish to charge for your videos, or simply engage free and construct much deeper connections with your fans

Take a look at Suki's profile for some great examples. Every developer is different though, so we're delighted to see where your creativity leads!

6. Stock your shop

Estimated time: 2 minutes

The 2nd money-making tool is the Store tab. You can submit an offer for digital items like how-to video tutorials, exercise videos, ebooks, and more!

7. Post your LinkTrle link

Estimated time: 1 minute

Your LinkTrle profile is now all set to go! Here's what you require to do to get it in front of an audience:

Discover your individualized link at the top of the live sneak peek

Click the "Copy Link" button

Go to your Instagram profile and click "Edit Profile"

Paste your LinkTrle link in "Website".

You're done! Best of all, your LinkTrle connect works like any other link, so you can put it anywhere.

Bonus offer: Animate your links!

Wow, pat yourself on the back for making it this far.

To highlight links on your page, you can include a thumbnail or an animation (for instance, connecting bounce up and down) by clicking the signs to the left of the trash can on each link.

The red sign lets you include animation and the green one lets you include a thumbnail.

Check out my page for an example, and email me anytime at if you need some help!

On the Hyperlinks tab, you'll also see your email list. Toggle it on to include a rectangle-shaped text field on your page where visitors can leave their e-mails with you! You can move the text field above the other links by going to the Account area under the menu.

The most common use case is individualized video shoutouts. It's also up to you whether you desire to charge for your videos, or simply engage for totally free and develop much deeper connections with your fans